Rainbow Beauty

‘Rainbow Beauty’
20″x 20″ (51cm x 51cm) mixed media on canvas
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore 
I haven’t done any art for 6 weeks, it just wasn’t flowing, and I decided not to push it.  I had the Easter 4 day weekend free and on the Thursday night this image came to me again – it’s one I thought up over a year ago but hadn’t yet had the energy to sit up and do.  So I woke up super motivated, and gave it a go, determined to at least make a start on it.
I first had the idea after seeing much of Rachelle Panagarry’s gorgeous work on her blog www.arteyecandy.com I looked at her style of collage background with a face in the foreground, and loved it.  And her youtube clip for ‘Faces in colour’ on the page ‘Art Eye Candy TV’ at this website, gave me the idea for using the tissue paper, and also the collage in the background.
The good thing about this piece was it was done in steps.  So I was forced to take breaks.  I would do a layer, then lie down as it dried.  Then I’d do another layer, then lie down.  It’s the most ambitious piece I’ve done so far and took a lot out of me (I expect to be in recovery mode for a while) but I love it and it makes me feel so good to have made it.  I love looking at it and seeing all the layers. 
Here is a step by step guide to how it was done:
1)  First layer was a collage of faces from magazines:
  Background to ‘Rainbow Beauty’
by Shiloh Moore
2)  Next I outlined the face and hair in pitt pen, and painted a thin layer of skin coloured acrylic on the face and white on the eye.  I made sure the paint layer was thin enough so you could still see the collage layer underneath:
Outline of ‘Rainbow Beauty’
by Shiloh Moore
3) Then I added a layer of tissue paper:
Tissue layer of ‘Rainbow Beauty’
by Shiloh Moore
4)  Over the tissue I painted with watercolour and outlined the detail with pitt pen.  These photos show detail:
Detail of top of ‘Rainbow Beauty’
copyright by Shiloh Moore
Detail of bottom of ‘Rainbow Beauty’
 copyright by Shiloh Moore
Portrait detail of ‘Rainbow Beauty’
copyright by Shiloh Moore
5) And the final product:
‘Rainbow Beauty’
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore

8 thoughts on “Rainbow Beauty

  1. Marzi Reply

    This might be my favourite of yours honey. I loved mixed media stuff. You discover something new every time you look.


  2. Shi Reply

    Thanks precious! Yes that's what I love about mixed media too, it's so interesting to look at and as you say, every time you look you can find something new. Big love to you xx

  3. Vintage Bird Girl Reply

    That is a beautiful piece Shi. I love the layered look. I would never have guessed how you'd made it. I hope your recovery doesn't take too long. If only these things we love to do didn't cost so much energy! Love to you. Xx

  4. Steph Reply

    I agree with Marzi above – mixed media rocks! A gorgeous piece <3

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