© 23-27th March 2016 by Shiloh Moore
16″x20″ Metallic Acrylic, Nail Polish and Posca Pen on Canvas
One of my very best friends was recently married.  It’s always hard when I can’t physically attend such special events, rituals and occasions.  But I still wanted to mark it with a gift.
I have had the background painted for 3 years now, (though I forgot to take a photo!  Too late now!!!)  Then a year ago when they became engaged I knew exactly what I wanted to paint.  My friend’s partner is an entomologist and my friend loves spirals.  I love dragonflies, simplified drawings, and spirals, so I could see exactly what I wanted to paint.  I was so extremely, critically ill at the time, and it seemed like it may be an eternity until I may be able to do a large picture like this – I can usually only handle small pictures, and for a long time I was not even able to do those.  But this Easter, (appropriately a time of new life,) just a couple days after the wedding, I was able to do it!  It turned out exactly as I imagined, though there were the usual problem solving issues to bring it into fruition.
Today they visited and I presented it to them.  We had a wonderful time together xx  I hope they treasure it as I treasure them. 

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