Scout Just Enjoying A Strong Long Black

 ‘Scout Just Enjoying A Strong Long Black’
From the ‘Caffeine Loving Pets Series’
© August 2016 by Shiloh Moore
 4×6″ Pitt Pen and Watercolour on paper

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‘Caffeine Loving Pets Series’

A wonderful friend has visited once a month for many years, and always brings me a cappuccino.  His beverage of choice is a Strong Long Black.  Earlier this year he got a pet Staffy puppy called Scout and excitedly brought Scout to visit.  Scout promptly peed on my couch, but other than that he was adorable!  Scout’s grown up a lot now, but I wanted to draw him from my photo of him in his youth.  In my pic he’s wearing a beret because my friend wore a beret to his formal! 

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