SMX Homily 2010

‘SMX Homily 2010’ © 28th June 2020 by Shiloh Moore iPad Pro with Apple Pen using Procreate
Image: Terry Fitzpatrick with Shiloh Moore and Peter Kennedy of St Mary’s in Exile (SMX) when Shiloh gave a homily in 2010.

When Peter and Terry asked me to do a homily I was blown away by the invitation.  I felt honoured to be respected and invited to speak about my life with long term chronic illness, and that I regard my life itself as being more than my life situation. 

On Sunday while listening to SMX’s online service, I drew this portrait from a photo taken on the day of my homily in 2010.  It was such a powerful day for me, and special to revisit. You can still read that homily on my webpage here:

A lot has happened in the past 10 years and Peter and Terry and the SMX community have supported me through it all.  Thank you for your friendship, support and passion for spirituality, social justice and Love.

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