See ME Expo Nov 3 2021

(Note: Featured self portrait ‘Shi-High’ is of me (Shiloh) laughing, delirious and manic coping when a 14 cm tumour burst on my liver! This is what I look like in extreme pain!)

BREAKING NEWS!  The long awaited See ME Expo Shiloh Moore Art and Words Online Artist Exhibition IS NOW LAUNCHED at:

I invite you to pour yourself a cup of your favourite beverage, grab your computer and enjoy a cuppa and virtual ’heart to heart’ with me as you read through and enjoy my exhibit.  

The purpose of the exhibit is to make visible the mostly unseen disabilities Fibromyalgia Syndrome and ME/CFS that I have lived with for more than 30 years since childhood, and I hope to inspire you to express and escape through creativity within your own capability. 

There are 85 original artworks and lots of poetry and words. These will all be available to view online indefinitely. Artwork is not for sale. It loads best viewed on a computer rather than phone or tablet.  *There is a language warning.

Major gratitude to Amanda Francey for her stunning presentation of my art. The effort and energy that went into this display by both of us was mammoth and we have both experienced Post Exertional Neuroimmune Exhaustion as a consequence. The exhaustion is overwhelming and far beyond reasonable. But we ‘choose our pain’ to share it with you and hope the payout for our effort is worth it (see the exhibit for an explanation!) 🙏🥄🥄🥄🌈

Please show your support by donating to Emerge and/or sharing the webpage

I’m so excited! Enjoy! 😁

(Blogpost featuring compassion prayer self portrait:)

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