Rainbow Lucy + Betsy

‘Rainbow Lucy + Betsy’

©2017 by Shiloh Moore

8×10″ Watercolour Pencils on Paper

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I have a dear friend, Lucy, who is about the most photogenic person I’ve ever met!  She’s always gorgeous and I have wanted to capture her classic beauty.  I love the photo I took of her in 2012 (below,) and tried to capture her with watercolour once before.  I did not like that painting at all.  But now I dared to try again, and came up with a rainbow coloured Lucy and added her equally photogenic and gorgeous dachshund Betsy.   I used watercolour pencils and a light box to trace the  photocopied images, and made it look like Lucy was holding Betsy.  This time around I’m very pleased with the result!  Love you Lu!


Betsy the Dachshund
who previously starred in my post ‘Zentangle Dachshund’ June 3, 2015

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