Zentangle Part 2: Dachshund

“Zentangle Dachshund”
© 2015 By Shiloh Moore

After I did my ‘practice’ Zentangle Doodle of ‘Zentangle Dove’ (Zentangle Part 1: Dove on ByShi Blog June 2 2015), I was game to give myself a challenge to do a portrait with my gorgeous friend’s amazing dachshund as my muse. I tried to do a portrait of them both, but my attempt at a portrait of my friend was far from complimentary (yes, not all my work turns out!!!), so I cut her out and just made it star her dachshund.  And I’m happy with the result! 

My gorgeous friend’s dachshund
Stage one of the drawing
I am not the best at proportions so I cheated by photocopying the photo, then used a light box to trace the outline as above.
Then, while lying down in the position illustrated in my blogpost ‘Living With ME and FM Series – Lying Down’ (ByShi Blogpost Jan 18 2012), I doodled the zentangle details, then cut it out with patterned papers as a frame. 
The framed Zentangle picture and a photo of my gorgeous friend’s dachshund side by side:  

 I’ve been absolutely exhausted and have had elevated pain levels since, so I think I overdid it and must pace myself before I start my next project (though I have so many ideas!!!)  But I feel wonderful emotionally to have created once again.  Art is definitely an ‘important prescription’ for my soul! (Thanks to my doc for the prescription – see ‘Zentangle Part 1: Dove’)

6 thoughts on “Zentangle Part 2: Dachshund

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Oh its beautiful. Such gorgeous eyes and patterns. It must have been so hard to pace doing this, it looks like fun. Definitely good soul food.

    Xoxo Ket

  2. Shi Reply

    Thank you gorgeous!!!! Yes I've had to ban myself from doing more. But I look forward to doing more when I'm able, it was really fun!

  3. Shi Reply

    Thanks so much 🙂 I'm indebted to my doc and my friend for the ideas and inspiration – and of course my gorgeous friend's dachshund as my muse!!! xx

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