Brush Lettering Practice

Beginner Lettering Practice by Shiloh Moore 7/1/18
Using Free Printable Brush Lettering Practice Sheets

Mid 2017 I made a massive investment to further my art, an iPad Pro with Apple Pen.  I wanted to learn how to create digital art and learn hand lettering on the iPad, after an artist friend showed me what she was creating using the app, Procreate.

I have fallen in love with brush lettering, and would love to create artworks from my poetry.  I followed a few hand letterers on Instagram, and wanted to learn.  I recognised, though, that it was much harder than it looked, and the ease with which these letterers wrote, would not come easily.  I was excited by the challenge, and hoped that one day, perhaps 6 months from now, I may be able to create beautiful lettering myself.

I bought the iPad and tried using Procreate, but struggled.  I had no idea how to use it, and realised my artist friend had years of experience with Photoshop, and I had none, so I had no clue how to use it.  I googled tutorials, but was frustrated – about 10 minutes in there would be a helpful tip, then about 30 minutes in, another.  Then I would forget which clip, and where that tip was.

I downloaded my favourite font using Free Printable Brush Lettering Practice Sheets and started practicing.  I was hopeless!  But determined, and enjoyed the challenge.

Then I came across Liss Amyah’s Lettering For the iPad Simple & Sassy online course.  It is an online course for lettering with the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, using the program Procreate – exactly what I wanted!  With her free iPad tutorials  I already learned skills I struggled to learn elsewhere.  So I made a second investment, in the course.

The course is amazing. It has lifetime access, which appealed to me, as with my unreliable health, I need to take my time.  It has 6 modules with brief, brilliant videos teaching all the basics to more complex skill levels.  After week one I could start to properly use the program Procreate.  I am now up to module 3 and it’s getting exciting as we learn to paint.

When I started Liss’s course in January I took a screenshot of my lettering using the brush lettering practice sheet.  I have been practicing every day.  This week, I had a breakthrough moment and realised I am starting to really ‘get’ it…and took a screenshot of my writing now.  In one month of daily practice I had made real progress.  I wrote my name to make a watermark for my artwork.  It was very exciting!

I am looking forward to creating beautiful artworks with my poetry.  I am so excited!

  Lettering Practice after one month by Shiloh Moore 12/2/18
Using Free Printable Brush Lettering Practice Sheets

4 thoughts on “Brush Lettering Practice

  1. Ket Reply

    Yay – go Shiloh!! This handlettering is MUCH harder than it looks – you go girl. I can’t wait to see more of your artworks.

  2. Adrienne Wooding Reply

    Bummer it is much harder than I thought. I won’t be doing it to do my little project.

    • shilohmoore Post authorReply

      Yes, it’s definitely challenging. I hope you find something easier to enjoy xxx

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