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“An amazing story of loss and triumph against the odds! The story expressed in poetry of one young person’s response to incredible changes in her life.”

‘Stranger In The Moving Chair’ is a book of poetry self-published in 2004 by Shiloh Moore.

‘Stranger In The Moving Chair’ has a seven page introduction giving background to Shiloh’s story. Then 80 poems with 19 line drawings illustrate the 111 pages.

•From top mathematics student in year 10 to being unable to calculate candles into two rows for her 16th birthday cake
•From playing hockey to being bedridden
•From formidable debater to exhaustion saying a simple phrase
•From talented musician to unable to hold her flute or sit at the piano

and then

•From helpless individual to inspirational fundraiser
•From being spoon fed to becoming an artist and a writer
•From brain fog to matriculation over 3 years
•From being unable to wash and dress to independent sharehouse living
•From wheelchair to driver’s licence
•From loss of hope to excelling at university (GPA 6.875)

These are but a few of the hurdles encountered by Shiloh Moore over the past few decades as she has battled health problems with outstanding courage, true grit and determination. Despite the improvements, Shiloh has not had a pain free moment since she was 12.

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Some comments about the book ‘Stranger In The Moving Chair’ by Shiloh Moore:

‘Dear Shiloh,
My name is Emily and I am 11.  Last year I was diagnosed with CFS.  My mum and dad bought me your book.  I read it a lot.  My favourite poems are doctor god, who am I, anxiety.  My symptoms are a lot like yours.  Muscle pain, night terrors, bad mood swings, anxiety disorder, not liking food.  Are you getting any better?  Or like me is each day different but not better?  Thank you for writing the book.  Each day I tell myself I know someone else feels this way and its because of your book.’ 
-Emily, Canberra, Australia

‘I wish to thank you for the gift of your words, a gift that has inspired me, and which I know will most certainly do the same for all other readers who suffer and are in need of hope.  It gives me renewed reason to treat and continue treating those people who have the misfortune to have CFS, as I have seen the phoenix rise up from the ashes.’
– Dr John L. Whiting, Specialist Physician  in Infectious Diseases with a critical interest in the clinical management of ME/CFS, Brisbane, Australia

‘What a fantastic effort on your part to raise awareness.  I found your account of your illness very moving, also your poems.  You are putting your talents to important use.’
– Christine J Hunter AM, Board of Directors for the Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation, Australia.  Alison Hunter died aged 19 in 1996 of complications related to ME/CFS and her mother, Christine set up the foundation in her honour. 

‘Shiloh has been gifted with the ability to describe the all-but-indescribable’
-Fr Dan O’Donovan, via Broome, Western Australia.

‘Your poems are so beautiful, poignant, simple, honest and raw.  So REAL.  I relate to so much of what you write!  Your words touch me deeply – the way you share your deepest feelings and insights through your poetry makes each one of your poems a precious gem.’
-Maureen Murphy Flaig, Pennsylvania, USA

‘Your story is always inspiring and a timely reminder for us all to appreciate what we have.’
-Tony Pitman, Writer, Brisbane, Australia

Sample Poem:

‘The Best Support’
©1997 by Shiloh Moore

The best way to help
Is to listen

Advice seems to pour
From those
Who insist they understand
But have never experienced it

Those who help
Are those who listen

Those who accept
There is no magic cure
Accept they cannot instantly
Make things happily ever after

The best support
Is not a quick fix

But a listening ear,
No judgment,
And acceptance