“The Dancer – Talia Fowler”

I put aside a photo of Talia Fowler from the Courier Mail in 2009 soon after she won the second season of Australian ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’ I love the movement, the freedom, the grace, beauty and simplicity of the photo. Today I did this sketch.

I played with it a bit to give it a shaded background:Then played with some colour:

Then some subtler pink:

And this time with blue:

7 thoughts on ““The Dancer – Talia Fowler”

  1. kp Reply

    very interesting to see the process…now, does she have a f/b page to share with her on? XXOO

  2. SallyJ Reply

    love the dancer art work. i post dancer photos as my facebook profile all the time. they make me smile! xo

  3. Shi Reply

    Thanks kp! I looked her up and she had 40 followers but no wall… Would be nice to somehow get it to her though, hey? xx

  4. Shi Reply

    Thanks SallyJ! I love pictures with movement, and love dancers. To me they radiate joy 🙂 Glad they make you smile too x

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