‘Emma Dean’

This is a small painting I did, a 5″ x 5″ mini Acrylic on Canvas portrait of the wonderful miss Emma Dean. Emma is a talented singer/songwriter/pop cabaret performer. I have had the privilege of getting to know her as a friend, and seeing her perform.

This portrait comes from a photo of Emma Dean with guitarist Nathan Moore, taken by Nick Shears at the Green Earth Festival on Sat 13 March 2010.

My favourite song by Emma Dean can be found on YouTube:
Something They Can Hold – Emma Dean (Official Film Clip)

12 thoughts on “‘Emma Dean’

  1. SallyJ Reply

    thank you so much for introducing me to Emma Dean! i love her! and Shi you certainly are talented. i love all your art & writing. xo

  2. Shi Reply

    Thanks so much, SallyJ, I love your comments! Emma is a delight and definitely worth discovering 🙂 Thanks for your compliments, I really appreciate it xx

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