A year ago, when writing in a birthday card, I realised I felt awkward saying ‘Happy Birthday, have a great day’… What does it mean? Especially when you know the recipient is going through tough times or is struggling with life, the expectation for a birthday to somehow be ‘great’ seems difficult.

I personally love birthdays, mainly the contact with friends, but I know a lot of people find birthdays difficult and even painful. So I thought a bit more about what I wanted to wish for a person’s birthday, and I wrote this: (note: you can enlarge the image by clicking on it)

“May your life be filled with
Joy over simple things

Wonder at the
Beauty of the world

Love of people and
of yourself


Delight at life
and at
Simply Being”

                                                 –  © 2011 by Shiloh Moore

Then, as I love to send cards, I thought about what I’d like to say to somebody I knew was struggling, and what I could say in a card to them. I wrote this:

“May your
Cloudy Days
be followed by
Spectacular Rainbows


Bright Shiny days
filled with
and Wonder”

                                                                                         –  © 2011 by Shiloh Moore


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