“I Am”

I have been in a bad patch health wise, unable to do any art for a month. I’ve been dreaming of lots of projects, itching to try mixed media again, and a stencil painting, but I don’t have the strength to do either. A couple nights ago I was able to do some drawing lying down, and, while I imagine a grand large mixed media project from it, for now I have used watercolour.

“I Am” A4 Watercolour on Paper (c) 2012 Shiloh Moore

“I Am”  

copyright 8/3/12 by Shiloh Moore
While my body’s wracked
With pain and exhaustion
of an indescribable magnitude…
Unable to do anything but lie here,
Hours, days, weeks on end…
I am…

I am the flute goddess I’ve always dreamed of being
I am flying free,
Filled with unearthly beautiful music.
I am beyond this broken body…
I am content and at peace.
I am okay.
I am…

10 thoughts on ““I Am”

  1. Cynthia Hanna Reply

    Shiloh, this is a beautiful poem & drawing! And a beautiful way to deal with health imposed limitations 🙂
    I've been in a flare for almost 2 months and have made very little art in that time. I've been more than a bit scarce online too. And it's okay – like you, my mind and my heart/spirit keep me occupied.
    Wishing both of us health enough to utilize our creativity in more tangible, physical ways as well! Sending you gentle hugs 🙂

  2. Shi Reply

    Thank you so much Cynthia! I'm glad your heart/spirit is ok xx So many of us are struggling physically at the moment. Thinking of you through this time xx Gentle hugs right back atcha xx

  3. ~Elise Reply

    I absolutely love this Shi. If i can get it into iphoto may I share? I think many need to hear your beautiful message. Inspiring. xx

  4. Shi Reply

    Hi Elise! Thank you so much xx I'd love for you to share a link to this blogpost, but I'm wary of re-printing the photo itself, especially on facebook (to my knowledge they then own the rights?) Feel free to share a link to this post and if you'd like to buy a print of it let me know and I'll put it on Redbubble (a link is on the top banner). Thanks for asking, and thanks for your kind words xx

  5. Jodi Reply

    Beautiful art and poem Shi, you'd be wonderful at doing childrens books also. You are truly gifted xoxox

  6. Shi Reply

    Thank you so much Jodi! I'll have to keep that in mind, a children's book! Thanks heaps xx

  7. Anonymous Reply

    thank you for expressing the feelings i have so well , we are blessed that we can escape into our rich imaginings and some how eventually we can share our art with others when we have a "good" patch , it is all good though , with love jen x

  8. Shi Reply

    Wow, Jen, thanks, it's lovely to hear from a kindred spirit. I hope you are well enough to create soon too xx

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