‘Juliet’ A7 Line Drawing on Watercolour Paper
(c) Dec 2011 Shiloh Moore

I drew an image of Juliet by the water from the Baz Luhrmann version of the film ‘Romeo And Juliet’ back in 1997. I lost the picture of Claire Danes’ Juliet that I drew it from, but I came across my scribble in December last year. I re-drew it with Pitt Pen on a tiny A7 Watercolour Paper sheet, which is below. Then recently I played with the colours on the computer to form the above image.

I love the serenity, the contemplation, the stillness, the sense of peace you feel around water. I love the use of water in the film of that version of Romeo and Juliet, the water brings these senses of stillness to their chaotic world.

I enhanced this drawing to make it into a stencil to cut out and paint blocks of colour onto a black background, but I haven’t been well enough to cut the stencil out. So I took the little image below and played with it to create the image above, and I figure I may as well show you now. Hopefully one day I’ll be well enough to cut out and paint the more intricate version, but for now I’ll share with you this little piece.

4 thoughts on “‘Juliet’

  1. Sarah Bellany Reply

    This is lovely Shi, you've really captured her inner world beautifully and simply.

    I haven't seen that movie since '97' but now that you mention it, the images are still really clear. hmmm Leonardo DiCaprio anyone…


  2. SallyJ Reply

    thanks, Shiloh. i, too, love the serenity & stillness. i look forward to your future work with it when you are able to cut out the stencil. hope you are feeling better really soon. sending you gentle hugs…..♥♥♥

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