‘She Flies on the Wings of her Friends’

‘She Flies on the Wings of her Friends’
(c) copyright 2012 by Shiloh Moore
Mixed Media on Paper
Completed 18 May 2012

In gratitude to all my family and friends who lift me with their love, support, thoughts and prayers and help me fly.



20 thoughts on “‘She Flies on the Wings of her Friends’

  1. Jodi Reply

    Beautiful I love it, it would lovely too on so many things, cards, doonas, wrapping paper, gorgeous, tranquil and peaceful xoxox

  2. Sarah Bellany Reply

    Ohh I love this. I imagine a similar thing, except I'm on a trampoline net/hammock with friends, family and doctors holding me up..floating in the clouds.

    Such a lovely loved feeling, you've captured here.


  3. Vintage Bird Girl Reply

    Oh I love this one Shi! Such beautiful imagery & of course I adore the birds. I'm so glad you've been able to do some art again. Hoping that better days keep on coming. Love Xx

  4. Shi Reply

    Thanks so much VBG 🙂 It's wonderful to be well enough to create when I want to! More is on the way 🙂

  5. Shi Reply

    Thanks Moon Little Moon, I haven't had access to the computer and I moderate the comments so sorry about that! Thanks so much for your comment, I really like getting the feedback here, makes my day 🙂 xx

  6. Shi Reply

    True, ZzirF xx Living through others is great too 🙂 Thanks for your feedback xx

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