‘The Best Support’ – ‘All I Did Was Listen’

Today a poem and drawing I created when I was 16 was featured in a blog by one of my favourite artists.  Her name’s Rachel Awes and her blog is “All I Did Was Listen.”  Today’s post (including my drawing and poem) is ‘Listening to You’ which is in a series of guest posts on Fridays, on the theme of ‘Listening’.

Rachel does wonderful line drawings with colour, combined with a quote, usually something inspired by her experiences as a psychologist.  She has a new book out filled with her gorgeous drawings, called ‘All I did was Listen‘ which you can order on Etsy (click on the title for the link).  I can’t wait to receive my copy in the mail!

I will include for you my drawing and poem shared on her blog.  It is one of the poems in my book “Stranger In The Moving Chair,” self-published 2004.

‘The Best Support’
Copyright 1997 by Shiloh Moore
“´╗┐The Best Support”
The best way to help
Is to listen
Advice seems to pour
From those
Who insist they understand
But have never experienced it.
Those who help
Are those who listen
Those who accept
There is no magic cure
Accept they cannot instantly
Make things happily ever after
The best support
Is not a quick fix
But a listening ear,
No judgment,
And acceptance.
Copyright 1997 by Shiloh Moore

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