Sympathy Blossoms

‘Sympathy Blossoms’
4″x6″ watercolour and pitt pen card 
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore
A friend asked if I had any cards for the purpose of Sympathy cards.  I realised I didn’t.
I haven’t been well enough to get out the acrylics and do a big painting, but I thought I could try a small watercolour.  
I’ve been noticing cherry blossoms and how beautiful they are and wanted to paint them.  I didn’t have ‘real life’ ones so I drew from photos.
I have been reading a beautiful book by Marie Williams, called ‘Green Vanilla Tea.’  Marie’s husband Dominic struggled with Alzheimer’s and died in his early 40’s.  The book is a memoir accounting both the incredible struggles and the wonderful memories of life with Dominic and their two sons Mike and Nic.  The love in their family is powerful.  It is touching to read.
 Cover of ‘Green Vanilla Tea’ by Marie Williams
(used with permission)
I have ‘met’ Marie Williams online and I dedicate this sympathy card to her and her boys. 
I drew the blossoms on my sympathy card, guided from the photo on the cover of the book ‘Green Vanilla Tea’, only from the other direction and with other colours.  
I chose the colour of the blossoms inspired by cherry blossoms in a photograph by a friend, Josie Eldred of -love to be young photography- .  I am a huge fan of her beautiful photography – she does the most amazing macro work, and it’s even more amazing because she, like me, struggles with ME (Myaglic Encephalomyelitis) and has done since a very young age.  So her work is out of passion and painful determination like mine.  I loved her macro shot of cherry blossoms

in pink and this inspired the colours of my cherry blossoms on my card.

#cherry blossom #macro
copyright by Josie Eldred of -love to be young photography-
(used with permission)
So I dedicate this card, with sympathy especially to Marie, Mike and Nic. Also to all who suffer or care for those struggling from chronic illness, especially those who have lost their loved ones. 
‘Cherry Blossoms’
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore
Original 4″x6″ watercolour and pitt pen on paper

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