Embrace Your Child

‘Embrace Your Child’
Pitt Pen on Watercolour Paper
Copyright 2014 by Shiloh Moore
I haven’t produced any art from scratch this year (though I’ve made lots of cards from scrapbooking materials).  Until now.
I wanted to draw my inner child as a therapy exercise.  After some doodling, I came up with this.  It represents the child in me reaching up for the adult in me, who is bending over to embrace the child.  
I really like the image – two parts of myself, coming together with great love.  
I like the image for how I feel in real life about my friend’s children as well.  I want to bend over and scoop them up in my arms with love.  Perhaps it could represent how you feel about your children? 
‘Embrace Your Child’
copyright 2014 by Shiloh Moore
Here it is with a little purple and starry background.
‘Embrace Your Child’
copyright 2014 by Shiloh Moore
And here it is framed.
I feel gooey with love just looking at it!

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    So deliciously fab Shi. Love it and all it represents so much. Xoxo SLK

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