Zentangle Part 3: Tenterfield Terrier

“Zentangle Tenterfield Terrier”
© 2015 By Shiloh Moore
30 May – 24 June 2015
Pitt Pens and Derwent Pencils on Watercolour paper, on Scrapbooking Paper Background
For my third effort at Zentangle I was ambitious, I wanted to do a portrait in memory of my beloved pooch!  I wanted to give it as a gift, so the pressure was on to do it justice. Here’s the photo of my beloved:

I did the outline the same day as the outlines of my previous posts, ‘Zentangle Daschund’, and ‘Zentangle Dove’ (30th May 2015.)
Outline ‘Zentangle Tenterfield Terrier’ 
© 2015 by Shiloh Moore
I had both a brown and a black Pitt Pen to do the doodling on her face, so I photocopied my outline and roughly scribbled in the areas to be shaded black and brown.
Stage 2 of ‘Zentangle Tenterfield Terrier’
© 2015 by Shiloh Moore
Then I took a couple weeks off as my arms were in extreme Fibromyalgia pain from the drawing I had done (my arms are always sore but this spurt of artwork had really flared it again.)

When I could, I looked at other zentangle and zen doodles online and in a book, for ideas as to my favourite styles of doodling, and ones that may look good and were appropriate for my pooch!

Then I could contain my pacing/resting/art ban no longer and decided to start doodling.  I worked on it for a few days 20-24th June and before I knew it, it was finished!

Here’s a progress pic when I had started doodling:

Stage 3 of ‘Zentangle Tenterfield Terrier’
© 2015 by Shiloh Moore
And the finished drawing without the scrapbooking paper background:  
Stage 4 of ‘Zentangle Tenterfield Terrier’
© 2015 by Shiloh Moore

 And the finished product below the photo of my beloved poocherino:

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