Heart Of A Family

‘Heart Of A Family’

© 2015 by Shiloh Moore
A4 Pitt Pen on Watercolour Paper
I have had this image floating around my head for years.  Similar to the Mother and Child at the heart of my ‘Mother And Child Nativity’ © Nov 2012 By Shiloh Moore
I imagined a heart based from a family, but couldn’t quite bring it to fruition with my own doodling.  Then a few months ago on Pinterest I saw a pin of a photo of a family by Summer Lyn Photography:  Immediately I could see my heart come to life:
Concept Photo
© Summer Lyn Photography
I scribbled a heart shaped from the faces of the mother, father and newborn child.  Instead of featuring the wedding ring, I emphasised the mother’s breast, the baby’s belly and the father’s shoulder, three loving elements to many families.  
‘Heart Of A Family’
Initial Sketch 15 Nov 2015 by Shiloh Moore
 This is dedicated to so many families and friends in my network who have new born children.  So much love to you all xxxx

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