Poem: ‘I Dream Of Simple Things’

Some healthy people ask what it’s like to live with severe ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia.  Living with severe chronic illness my dreams are simple.  Conquering basic tasks become monumental achievements and things to be celebrated.  Here I try to describe just a few of my dreams:

© 2016 By Shiloh Moore
I dream of doing simple things
even chores and basic tasks
like to do things independently
and not always have to ask

I’d like to really cook
and not just have to defrost
To eat sitting up with company
and painlessly consume without cost

To have a daily shower
and shave my legs with ease
clean my teeth for two whole minutes
tame my wild hair to look less teased

To do all my own shopping
for groceries and necessities
To buy my own choice of things
and treat myself occasionally

To be able to sit up for visitors
not to have to lie down all the time
To go out for coffee or a social meal
and stay for a decent while

To create art while sitting up
with no need to lie down throughout
To have freedom to fearlessly create
without a long term pain payout

To type while I can sit up
for as long as I wish each day
To use a phone to text and talk
without dead arms, neck cramps, and strain

To walk a fair distance and stand
without instant pain and feeling faint
To exercise and feel good
to help with my Diabetes and weight

To need less than fourteen hours sleep
and to wake up feeling strong and refreshed
To feel bright and alert every day
rather than tired and needing rest

To lie down perfectly still
yet to feel no intense constant pain
is an experience I have forgotten
and can only dream of knowing again

To be able to joke and to smile
with no face pain limiting my laugh
To talk comfortably, to be truly me
is this really too much to ask?

My dreams may seem very simple
but I’ll celebrate if any come true
The truth is I appreciate all I can do
and I try not to fear losing that too

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