Luminous Lizard

 ‘Luminous Lizard’
©  2016 by Shiloh Moore
A4 Pitt Pen and Watercolour on Paper 
Using an Aqua Brush by Jasart

A young teenage friend did a painting at school as an exercise in cross contour lines.  I loved it!  I found a similar one on Pinterest, with a simple explanation you can see at this link on a blog by Flying Shoes Art Studio.

I wondered if I could complicate things and add an extra element, and thought a Lizard might be simple but fun.  I tried to keep the colours minimal to not interfere with the detail of the image.

I used new watercolour blocks, experimenting with an Aqua Brush Pen by Jasart.  I experience high levels of pain colouring with pencils, one reason being my muscles ache with tension from my grip being hard.  These pens you need to be gentle with.  You have to sit up as it’s watercolour and can be messy, but if I’m able to sit up, I find these pens easier to control than ordinary watercolour brushes, and far less painful loading on my arms than pencil colouring.

I’m pretty pleased with the result!!!

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    This one is a bit of a fav. I assume it will be in the 2017 calendar? 🙂 Zane

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