Oliver Just Lounging Around Sipping a Diet Coke

‘Oliver Just Lounging Around Sipping A Diet Coke’
From the ‘Caffeine Loving Pets Series’
© August 2016 by Shiloh Moore
5×7″ Pitt Pen and Watercolour on Paper

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‘Caffeine Loving Pets Series’

Another dear friend visits regularly and always brings me sushi and a coke zero.  Her beverage of choice is Diet Coke and she has a beloved pet Siamese Cat called Oliver.  Oliver sits in the strangest positions and she once sent me this photo of him lounging around which I thought was hilarious (and my bro thinks he looks like a kangaroo – which my friend agreed to!)
So here is Oliver lounging around sipping on a Diet Coke.  This was so much fun to make!

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