I Wish I Could Kiss Things Better

‘I Wish I Could Kiss Things Better’
© August 2016 by Shiloh Moore
5×7″ Pitt Pen and Watercolour on Paper
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I scribbled the idea for this image late one night 19th July 2016.  Sometimes I really wish I could take away a friend’s pain, grief or illness. I don’t like ‘Get Well Soon’ cards for people with long term illness or mental illness or people who are grieving, but sometimes I wish I could just kiss things better.  So I made this for a card.

2 thoughts on “I Wish I Could Kiss Things Better

  1. Andrew Klein Reply

    Please enjoy the Art Work and take the message to heart. There are times in all of our lives when we know ourselves to be struggling , band aids send a message for all to see. Yet there are chronic conditions where band aids just don't do the job. Yes , we yearn to kiss it better and make everything alright . That care and love for others is such a basic human desire . We do it for our children , for those we love and care about. There are also times when a kiss does not make it better , then its time to fight and make a stand ! Chronic Conditions do not go away , the term 'chronic' simply means a 'time line ' ( a medical definition ) . Chronic does not in any way imply that a serious medical condition is any less serious in its impact , in fact – the impact is lasting , there is no ending . Bear that in mind the next time you hear the word 'chronic' used flippantly !

  2. Shi Reply

    Thanks Andrew. I think you interpret its meaning different to its intention. I meant more emphasis on the word 'wish' – 'I *wish* I could kiss things better (but I know I can't…)'is implied. In no way do I mean to diminish your struggle, I *wish* a bandaid was all that was needed to help and I am frustrated it can't!

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