Hipster Cat

‘Hipster Cat’
© 28-29th August 2016
By Shiloh Moore
 4″x4″ Pitt Pen on Paper 
Photograph taken 11th June 2016
© By Shiloh Moore
My dear friend Cat visits often, and one time she was looking way too adorable with her hipster glasses and cute hair.  I just had to take a photo and draw her!  Here is my effort.  I’m not too happy with her lips and teeth, but I love how her hair has turned out.  Next time I might ask her to keep her mouth closed?!  But she radiates with her smile!  She pointed out she looks very French in my drawing of her.  I’m also not happy that I think I’ve made her look way older than she it.  But I’m new to portraits and it was fun to do.

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