Love And Light

‘Love and Light’
© Dec 2016 by Shiloh Moore
8×10′ Pen drawing and mixed media background
Digitally enhanced with PicMonkey and Enlight

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My last image for 2016 was typography of the word ‘Hope.’  I would like to start the year 2017 with another word:  ‘Love’.  I call this piece ‘Love and Light.’ I love it when people sign off mail with ‘Love and Light’ and I love the intention.  This year I hope love and light permeate our lives.

To create this image I went through a few steps:

Step one:  I drew the love heart using the word ‘Love’ in the shape of a heart
‘Love Heart’
© 2016 by Shiloh Moore
Step Two: I drew a good copy using Red Bic Mark-It Pen on Paper
Step Three: I pasted a collage for the first Layer of
8×10″ Mixed Media Background
using book pages and music, then decorated it with stamps
Step Four: I finished the  8×10″ Mixed Media Background
with a layer of crumpled tissue paper then painted over it with pink watercolour
Step Five: I digitally combined the Love Heart drawing with the
mixed media background using ‘PicMonkey’ online
Step Six: I played with colours and effects on
the image using the ‘Enlight’ app on my phone
to get the final image (above)

May your life be filled with ‘Love and Light’ through 2017 and beyond!

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