May We Be Channels of Peace

‘May We Be Channels Of Peace’ Words and Image © 2017 By Shiloh Moore

May We Be Channels of Peace

May we be channels of Peace
Where there is pain and suffering
May we be present, and hold space for those in need

Where there is fear
May love and hope appear

Where there is ignorance
Help us communicate, educate, and understand

Where there are lies
May truth set us free

Bind us together in our love for humanity
Bring us strength, perseverance, courage and hope

We cannot stop hatred…
But we can love.

May we be channels of Peace

I woke the other morning humming the tune to ‘Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace.’  I was inspired by this prayer of St Francis of Assisi, to write a poem for our times.

I then drew this image of a peace vigil, featuring a sign saying ‘hope’ near a girl in a wheelchair, a black mother and baby, and a christian woman, a sign saying ‘Love’ in rainbow colours (for LGBTQ equaity) near two lovers, and a man in a suit, next to a Muslim couple holding a sign saying ‘Peace.’  They are all holding candles of light at a peace vigil.

May we be channels of peace.

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