Vitamin Sea

‘Vitamin Sea’
© 2017 by Shiloh Moore
8×10″ Pitt Pen and Watercolour on Paper

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A few years ago I met Ket – an awesome, hilariously witty, intelligent, arty, mindful girl in an online group of creative peeps with ME.  We’ve never met in real life (she could be a very convincing catfish!) but she gets me like nobody else I’ve known, and never fails to make me laugh and appreciate life.


Ket used to travel the world in a yacht, but she can no longer make it to the sea, so I decided to deliver some Vitamin Sea directly to her. 


The bottle features some of her fave sea creatures, including a manta ray, cuttlefish fish, and dolphin fish.  I added a pink seahorse as when I was a kid I went to sea world and bought some pink seahorse earrings that I loved.  They made me happy.


The tablets are made of different shells, and the Vitamin Sea is on a sandy beach background.


I know Vitamin C is likely more placebo than a cure, but, my dear friend, I hope this Vitamin Sea helps xxx Love you!!!


4 thoughts on “Vitamin Sea

  1. Ket Reply

    I feel so honoured and lucky to have such a punny kind friend !!! I love this. Thanks Shi!!

  2. Ketra Reply

    This still means so much to me 🙂 I’m smiling at it on my wall right now . Xoxo

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