Mary Poppins – January 2023

My talented 9yo friend Fraser Goodreid played Michael and the AMAZING Stef Jones played the lead in Mary Poppins (she played Rhonda in Muriel’s Wedding the Musical in 2019 that I miraculously attended, drew and sent to her and she replied!) I wasn’t well enough to go to see Mary Poppins, which was devastating but not entirely unexpected (though giving up significant events never gets easy…)

Fraser organised for the entire cast to sign a program for me and it had the most gorgeous picture of Fraser and Patti Newton in ‘Feed The Birds’ so I drew them! Here’s Fraser with the portraits. Mum and Dad went to the performance and LOVED it which made me so happy with freudenfreude and mudita (joy in their joy!) I would soooo LOVE to experience the musical live but I’m grateful to be able to connect with Fraser and the actors – that’s pretty sweet! 😁✨🌈

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