Dacher Keltner ‘Awe the Transformative Power of Everyday Wonder’ – August 2023

Dacher Keltner’s book ‘Awe the Transformative Power of Everyday Wonder’ was just that for me: transformative. It gives me language for concepts that resonate with my life. In the book, Dacher studied 2500 people around the world from all walks of life and their experiences of awe. From the data he ranked the top styles of awe. Number one was not nature, it was ‘Moral Beauty’. This means awe at stories of triumph, overcoming, and kindness. This brings meaning to me as my whole life people have said I’m inspirational. I heard that as people putting me on a pedestal that I must live up to and that I must never fail. This is totally unnecessary pressure: they are just in awe of my coping with extraordinary circumstances. Moral Beauty!

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