Whitney Dafoe: The Essence of Whitney (2021) and Exactly As You Are (2022)

Whitney Dafoe is a writer, photographer, and artist from the US who has become somewhat of an icon for severe ME/CFS. Whitney’s illness is profoundly severe, and he writes about his experiences for the world to follow. Whitney’s advocacy is profoundly powerful, and his writing shows unparalleled insights from his altered experiences of conciousness.

For my See ME Expo online art exhibit in 2021 www.seemeexpo.com/shiloh-moore I drew ‘The Essence of Whitney’ from a photo of a vibrant young Whitney before ME/CFS.

In 2022, I drew the artwork Whitney Dafoe ‘Exactly As You Are’. I wanted to express how profoundly beautiful Whitney still is today, exactly as he is. Whitney’s beauty is beyond what has been lost from his past. In life he may not have been able to achieve his ‘potential’ in a traditional way, but Whitney’s outreach, all he achieves ‘simply’ by being, with his determination and passion for life, is extraordinary. Whitney is profoundly beautiful exactly as he is. His life has great meaning and purpose beyond how he is forced to live.

Whitney, you are beautiful, exactly as you are.

Whitney DaFoe ‘The Essence of Whitney’ in ‘Rainbow Bubbles of Collective Effervescence’ series © 2021 by Shiloh Moore

Whitney DaFoe ‘Exactly As You Are’ in ‘Rainbow Bubbles of Collective Effervescence’ series © 2022 by Shiloh Moore

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