Nordacious – December 2023

Yesterday I spontaneously met my biggest inspiration for my art, the artist Nordacious (James Hillier), in person at his physical store ‘A Boy Named Aaron’ at Gaythorne. It was a dream come true. This morning I had to draw us in my ‘Rainbow Bubbles of Collective Effervescence’ portrait series! I have followed James’ artwork since 2015 when he had a Muriel’s Wedding pop art exhibition. Since then, his pop art portraits, unashamedly celebrating pop culture, inspired me to draw portraits myself. Last year his brilliant political cartooning gave me the idea to draw portraits of politicians and send it to them to share my story and campaign for ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia awareness.

The past two years, my parents bought me amazing Nordacious t-shirts and magnets for my birthday. I also sent James some packages of my art, to which he responded with a massive package of awesome prints (inspiring him to buy a laminator!) We’ve exchanged many emails from me responding to James’ artwork as well as sharing my art and behind the scenes of my success with politicians and with Kate Miller Heidke, Muriel’s Wedding The Musical, and Bananaland portraits and more.

With limited energy and such a busy medical schedule I didn’t know if I’d get the chance to meet James in person, but a friend cancelled a visit, and I had energy, so my carer and I embraced the opportunity and we drove to visit him in store. Such a simple event, but it was so special to meet someone so significant who has influenced me so greatly and continues to do so, and to give him a hug in person. Thank you, James, for your art and your friendship. I think you’re AMAZING.

Check out Nordacious & A Boy Named Aaron

6/394 Samford Rd, Gaythorne, QLD

Wed-Sunday 8am-1pm

Nordacious’ website with international delivery:

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